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The Revised Common Lectionary

In Luke 4:16-20, we note how Jesus engaged in the common practice of reading the text that was set for the day. This practice was continued in the early church, with different communities determining which texts should be read. Later, as the canon of Scripture (Bible) was edited into its final form, more effort was made by church authorities to unify what was read throughout the church.
Luke 4:16-20

There have been numerous lectionaries throughout the history of the church. More recently, these have been a three-year lectionary cycle, with three readings and a psalm for each Sunday. In each year one of the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark and Luke) predominates, with a semi-continuous approach to reading it, especially in ordinary time (the Sundays between Pentecost and Advent). Other books of the Bible are also read semi-continuously during appropriate seasons as well as in ordinary time. The lectionary is seasonal, but not often thematic. Some churches in the reformed tradition (including the Uniting Church) now use the Revised Common Lectionary.

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June/July at SHUC

Sunday June 4th 10:00 am
Pentecost Service
with Holy Communion
(Rev. Rob Gotch)

Sunday June 11th 10:00 am
Worship with Learning Group
(Rev. Rob Gotch)

Sunday June 18th 10:00 am
Worship with Learning Group
(Rev. Rob Gotch)

Sunday June 25th 10:00 am
All Age Worship
UCA Anniversary Service
(Rev. Rob Gotch)

Sunday July 2nd 10:00 am
Worship & Holy Communion
(Rev. Rob Gotch)

Sunday July 9th 10:00 am
(Ms. Corinna Fong)

Sunday July 16th 10:00 am
(Rev. John Cranmer)

Sunday July 23rd 10:00 am
All Age Worship
(Rev. Rob Gotch)

Sunday July 30th 10:00 am
Worship and Learning Group
(Rev. Rob Gotch)


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